How to Structure an outline for Compare and contrast Essay

This is the main part of your essay. It should be no more than half the length of your college essay writing service ; it must have a clear topic and transition sentences, making sure to link paragraphs that are comparing or contrasting two subjects. Example: Although student-teacher relationship is important, there are also differences between students and teachers which you ought to know. Teachers' responsibilities are very specific essay students' responsibilities concentrate on studying for tests and completing homework assignments. The role of a student doesn't require as much responsibility as that.

Points # 1 & # 2 --Description first subject (Topic sentence)

You may describe either one side (subject 1) or both subjects (subjects 1 & 2) of the topic. This is also an example of how you lay out a compare / contrast paragraph.

Example: A student's role in the student-teacher relationship is to pay attention, follow directions and complete homework assignments. Students are expected to listen politely when being told something by a teacher; moreover, students must respect their teachers at all times because that reflects On themselves as well as their teachers. On the other hand, teachers have specific responsibilities they must fulfill based upon the state requirements and school district rules regarding what they should be teaching and how much homework falls upon them. Teachers are also responsible for developing lesson plans and guiding students in reaching academic goals.

Point # 3 --Contrast statement

A contrast statement shows how the two subjects differ.

Example: A teacher's responsibilities are far greater than those of a student. Teachers must have strong and vivid personalities because they are in the spotlight all day long. Teachers deal with students' behavior, grades and test scores worse students concentrate on learning what has been taught to them in class by teachers. Clearly, there is much more responsibility for teachers than that of students where  essay writing service  should always remember.

Point # 4 --Contrast statement (2)

This point summarizes your essay's topic / subjects / reasoning by showing where both subjects overlap or flow together to create a concluding statement, restating your overall thesis / thesis.

Example: Student-teacher relationships are a key factor in the success of a school program because education is always more likely when students and teachers work as one unit rather than fighting each other like an enemy camp on opposite sides of the war's battlefield. Schools should if both students and teachers know each other better, then there will not be as much fighting between them, which creates obstacles in their path towards academic achievement.

Point # 5 --Linking sentence (Conclusion)

This should be a restatement of your topic and reasoning; it is also where you wrap up the essay, saying something final about your topic.

Example: The main goal of every student in school must be academic achievement which can only be successful when students study hard and teachers help one another by strengthening the bond between them instead of fighting with each other to gain power or superiority over one another. future adults, we all deserve an education that helps us succeed without having to battle with others along the way because our ultimate mission is success through knowledge and understanding.

 Point # 6-Topic / Subject transition sentences-speaker's attitude

This shows that you are moving on from comparing two subjects to stating another topic / subject you are bringing up and helps link your previous paragraph's sentences with your next paragraph.

Note: This is only required when moving from one topic / subject to the next.

Example: Now, let's look at what teachers do during school hours as compared to students' responsibilities both inside and outside of the classroom. While teachers teach our future generation in classrooms around the country, students study hard at home because they have humongous amounts of homework which takes time to complete each night before going to bed or on weekends. In addition, most adults don't go back to school after graduating; instead, they enter a job field right away which requires experience as well as knowledge so that employers will trust them to do their job.

In conclusion, the two subjects in this essay are students and teachers because they both have major responsibilities that must be fulfilled daily without fail to create a smooth-sailing educational system. Without teachers, students couldn't learn anything; however, without students taking notes on   best essay writing service  and  what the teacher is saying or doing their homework assignments the whole school system could easily fall apart like a poorly built building due to lack of help from those who were supposed to be working on it. Students and Teachers are responsible for creating a strong foundation and being there for each other instead of battling with one another which makes them not only great partners but also perfect teammates when working together towards academic success.


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