Setting the right methodology in your research proposal: Advanced techniques Guide-2021

When you are given an assignment, your ultimate goal is to get the best possible grade. In college, it is often difficult to get a perfect score. What you can do is strictly follow the instructor's guidelines and avoid making major mistakes. You must be aware of the type of academic paper, the format to follow and the general Do's and Don'ts.

Explaining Research proposals

Before you write a research paper, you must have a plan to follow. This plan that summarizes the way you will write your research is called a essay writing service. Using this proposal, you have to prove to the reader that the research to be conducted is of critical importance. You also have to propose practical methods to conduct your research.

Important components of a Proposal

You have to begin your proposal with an attractive title page that is formatted according to the instructor’s guide. Those students who don’t even know how to start an essay should begin with a rough outline. The first major component of your college-level proposal is an interesting introduction that discusses the background, significance, need for the research. In the body paragraphs, discuss relevant research for comparison and then state the best research methodology that will be used by you in your paper to obtain data.

Tips to choose the right methodology

1)     Qualitative vs Quantitative

Qualitative methods use interviews, focus groups, experiences, and observations for data collection. This data comes from human beings and is not influenced by mathematics or statistics. Quantitative methods use mathematical formulas and hypothesis testing to statistically analyze numerical data obtained from the sample. You can use both methods simultaneously in your research for the best output.

  1.         When to choose Qualitative methods?
  •       When the sample size is to be small.
  •       When human emotions are required.
  •       Use for a market analysis for a new product.
  •       Don't use it for scientific experiments.
  1.         When to choose quantitative methods?
  •       When you have the freedom to choose a large sample size.
  •       If data can be generalized to a large population.
  •       Use for scientific experiments and data that is numerical.
  •       Don’t use it for humanitarian research projects.

2)     Primary Vs Secondary

Primary data is collected by the researcher. An example of this data is an interview that essay writer conduct for your research. Secondary data is produced by another researcher but it is significant for your research and thus you include it in your paper. An example of this data is the numerical analysis you assume in a paper because it was already done by another researcher.

  1.         Primary data usage
  •       Use when the research question is unique.
  •       Use if you want to have more control over the data.
  •       Avoid it if you don't have sufficient funds.
  •       Avoid it if you don't have data collection skills.
  1.         Secondary data usage
  •       Easier and more convenient.
  •       You don't need expertise.
  •       Students should use this method.
  •       Don't use it if your research is novel.

After reading the mentioned methodologies, you should develop a slight idea of what method you should adopt for data collection. These decisions should not be rushed because accurate data collection is very important for any research. If you believe that you won’t be able to conduct the research easily, there’s an easy solution. Contact any good essay writing service and write my paper to provide them with all the necessary data. These services will write your whole proposal under your guidance at the given deadline.


If your proposal is not interesting enough, you won’t be able to write your research paper. The key is to start early and conduct a lot of preliminary research on your topic. You should select a data collection method that suits your proposal and is practical for you to conduct. You can also take help from online services if you believe your proposal isn’t convincing enough.

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